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Phoebe Tan
04 March 2011 @ 01:14 am
Did i mention how i really like this photo
And yes we managed to fly my goldfish kite i bought from Beijing after the longest time!
Would have to give all the credit to Yusof for helping me! 
Good times.
Love how Lavone and I kinda had our own picnic before we even got to Marina Barrage!
Niceeeeee, soup spoon, sushi and chewy junior! 
This holiday is turning me into a FATTY!
Phoebe Tan
07 January 2011 @ 11:58 am
I have been going through hell for a month and wallowed in tears perhaps for nothing.
Crying everyday or almost every alternate days can be so exhausting for me.
School's shit have been piling up on me and I'm gonna be suffocated by them soon.
And you not being there is already torturous, Now whatever that I'm going through I'm not really sure if whatever I've did is worth it or not.
What is this silent treatment!? I hate the feeling of being left hanging in the air.
I need an answer to whats going on and is this it?
Cause if it is I'm ready already.
Stop causing so much pain and suffering for me already!
I'm extremely tired! I try so hard and all you could do is just be there?
But you don't even seem to care.
Phoebe Tan
12 November 2010 @ 11:42 am
 What am I even doing in Beijing seriously? I'm like screwing myself up unnecessarily making myself upset unnecessarily.  
Many things have happened its sucha pity no directors hired me to film this entire trip! it would have been a hit in the cinemas! Phoebe's Life in Beijing. Wow. 

I hate being the one having to give in most of the time and accommodating people all the time already. and some people just ain't sensitive to people's feeling. Its not like I'm paranoid and too bother about the past but why bring the past with you when its already HISTORY! argh insensitive bustard. I'm making things hard for myself. what shit have i got myself into. yucks! argh! 
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Phoebe Tan
26 September 2010 @ 02:54 pm
Okay so I've typed a whole lot of shit to talk about Day 1 to 6 and all with photos and everything but it couldn't upload! some error and shit and now I have to type everything all over again! ARGHHH but it's never gonna be the same =(

I know it's been like Day 9 down here in this cold chilly weird erratic weather Beijing already. 
But I still must emphasise on how super touched I am by those people who actually came down to the airport to send me off!
Its like so many surprises in a day! It's always these small little things people do that makes me super touched! and i'll remember it for the rest of my life luh. 
I know it seems damn lame and all that I'm so overly greatful or anything but it's cause I honestly didn't expect that many people to come send me off. In fact, I planned to go to the airport on my own!

So this are those super amazing friends i got that came down:

My Mum - Of course though it seems like its a norm that she should send me off but honestly I those people who really wouldn't mind leaving on my own but shes so cute to feel bad if i were to go alone. Thanks for everything mummy!

Ellis & Joseph - My bestieeeee be it for shopping and for just being there. Although I only got closer to you like after we graduate but you're a friend that last i have to say. heh thanks for coming all the way down to send me off. I know how it sucks to have to travel all the way from the west or central whatever luh. still touching. and Thank Joseph for me too! Hope he wasn't to bored and phew! good to hear whatever he lose or was bothering him from camp is resolved already! Thanks for those thoughtful Mark and Spencer goodies! You know me da best! Shortbread cookies, Choco Chip Cookies and Fizzy Fish are my fav from there! 

2M04 classmates - Edmund, Amanda, Jon, HanYang and GWee that actually came down to send me off! like damn nice only luh. Manda I love you can. I thought you were kidding at first but i know you luh, super good friend kind. touched max okay! love you guys!

Elisabeth, Matty, Tessa - I was super surprised you guys came! Lis! you didn't even call or text me before that so I really really thought I'm just gonna be there with ellis and my mum but you little surprise! thanks uh! made my day! you guys have no idea how I was so happy even till now!

P/S: Kaina did the most  touching thing on earth by coming in the morning which was such a surprise! cause my mum thought i knew you were coming so when i heard someone coming she didn't even tell me it was you! Thanks for being so thoughtful for the card and famous amos cookies which i love!

I am so blessed to have all of you as my friendssssss!

Okay so i just counted its like the 27th Day we're in Beijing which is almost a month! Too many things have happened so i shall just post up those photos randomly and talk about them then... but not all days at once.. it would be like a 3 weeks jet lagged post alright. 
HEH joke i know. 

okay whatever. till then! i shall upload the photos to my blog sooooooooon 
Phoebe Tan
23 September 2010 @ 03:16 am
 JUST BLOGGED BUT EVERYTHING WAS GONE! CAUSE POSTING FAILED! arghhhhh now i have to type everything again! TMRRRRRRR!
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Phoebe Tan
16 September 2010 @ 12:33 pm
So its a day or so left before I've to leave this city for a crazy bustling city 4,457km away from here all the way to BEIJINGGGG!
Today I should finish packing if not it would be way to rush tomorrow just in case anything is missing.
Shawn and Daniel left for Vietnam today and Robster for Shanghai. 
I feel damn bad that I couldn't send them off at the airport cause I had to stay home to teach my mum how to use skype and all.
A day of teaching anything technical to my mum = a day of hell for me. I guess I just don't have the patience to teach her stuff like that.
Like teaching her a simple task like how to email I had to do it 5 times, before she finally understand 

Yesterday, We had like a farewell kinda lunch before we all leave for SIP at my favourite burger joint at 313, "Handbuger". I guess I really liked that place due to the incredible service and food standards we got when  I first ate there, which was on my 19th Birthday with the girls. They had the juiciest patties and perfect runny yolks that came with "the works" burger! However this time when we went the guys complained the patty was a little on the dry side. Sigh disappointments.

Shawn, Kenn, Daniel, Nikki, Elisabeth and I was there but SOME PEOPLE was just too camera shy thus no photos =/ HAHAHHA


On that day I finally got to try the pull-pork burger which was something I've always wanted to try as I've seen Travel and Living talk about how Americans love their grilled and barbecued  meat and sandwiches which looked massive! Of the many things I've remembered seeing like gaint turkey legs and all pull-pork sandwiches were the most amazing looking sandwiches on this planet! With gooey barbecued sauce slobbering out of the sandwich and meat overflowing, does any other sandwich sound, look, or taste better than that!

Okay, so it tasted exactly what I expect it to be! simply delicious! yummms had my order with the caesar salad and ice lemon tea. Comparing this meal to the previous one here last time i had its so much cheaper

After lunch, we just shopped around and all then decided to head down to Ion for takoyaki and drop by to say hi to Ellis!
While having takoyaki at Ion there was this really cute kid that kept smiling at us then I just started to to take some photos of him! and everytime you point the camera at him, he gives this really wide grin!

So Cute Right?!!?!?!
So the day before yesterday, supposedly shopping trip with Ellis at Ikea but I reached earlier and end up getting whatever i want before she reached. So we just head down to AnchorPoint for my katsudon dinner and some aimless shopping. 
Would be expecting Ellis to be the one that walks out with tonnes of shopping bag but it was me in the end =/ JOKE. 
Supper at Hong Kong Cafe!
Oh oh and I got a working heel!

She just doesn't want to take any photos with me =(

Ain't it pretty? My love for Suede

Phoebe Tan
14 September 2010 @ 03:19 pm

Yay Beijing here I come!
A few good news, 
Firstly! we got our super tedious and almost impossible to get Business Visa (F-Visa)!
Secondly, We got our flights booked already! 
We'll be flying on Air China!
seems not bad since i've googled and they're under star alliance which means they are almost on par with our wonderful Singapore Airlines! 
Flight time is 12.15am on 18th September which means we'll be at the airport around 10pm?

Some problems are that I had my Business Calculus paper yesterday and yes i admit i always do last min studying but the paper was super difficult! Even some people like jonathan would say the paper was difficult! hope they weren't saying it just to make me feel better. Hopefully I can just pass the paper, I'm not asking for a lot! Just a pass will do!

Talked to Ms Reena on the phone today for damn long, shes such a concerned caring teacher!
Asked me about whats my plans if i were to fail the paper and all

Finally sent my films for developing! 
One underwater cam film and the other was my trusty Alfie!

Some photos:

This is when we had a stayover @ Marina Bay Sands on 11th August! 
All thanks to Ellis' Parents that we get to stay there and so much fun time tgt! 
Dominos for Dinner and Braless night together! HAHAHA

After Joseph 21st party @ Hard Rock

Random photo near my place which i thought was beautiful!

More Photos! thats if you're interestedCollapse )
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Phoebe Tan
12 September 2010 @ 08:24 pm

The purple one's just purple, The green's matcha infused!

Guess What people?
Sherlyn Jiaying and I made some Snow Skin Mooncake together yesterday!
After our project presentation discussion in school, I have no idea why I was so not discipline!
Did all these instead of going home for my business calculus revision! OMGGGG
So I'm left with 11 hours to my paper! wish me luck!

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Phoebe Tan
12 September 2010 @ 02:49 pm
Daddy I can't describe how much I love and miss you right here in Singapore. 
Wish you could be here with me, seeing me through rain or shine. 
There are times when I can't stand mummy and you used to be the only one who stands up for me when shes too much. 
You used to send me to school in the morning and pick me up from tuition classes.
You used to bring my at least once a week to fly kite at Marina South which is already torn down now for some stupid upgrading work =(
You used to bring me to the homeliest places for dinner like Ivins Ivins and Ponderosa (which is also no longer there)
You're not getting any younger already so I sincerely hope you'll take care wherever you are cause it aches my heart to see you pop those amount of painkillers a day! And if possible please please please for the last time stop smoking! Been begging you since I was a kid. 
I just wish you well wherever you are and hope you're happy too! 

Love ya! ♥
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Phoebe Tan
11 September 2010 @ 04:59 am

As usual, i did nothing today. Not literally but like nothing important. 
I am so supposed to study but i can't get my mind of OSIP!
So i got my luggage out today and started packing a little.
Got some scarves from mum and packed them in, prepared a bottle of softener for nicer smelling laundry.
 Hopefully I am able to get hold of flight tickets that flights are latest 18th as I really want to spend a few days familiarising and getting used to at Beijing and I would really love to do some office visitation before official day of work which is 20th September!

Anyway I didn't have the mood to study so I did some craft by decorating my travel journal I've prepared for Beijing! 

Isn't it Pretty?!
Okay so I'm supposed to be studying for that crazy hell Business Calculus Exam with weigh a heavyweight 60%. OMG please tell me I'm not gonna die from it!  I HAVE TO PASS THIS BY HOOK OR BY CROOK! if not its fail OSIP or Sem 4.1! NOOOOOOOO!

Better start studying like at least a chapter now before I leave for project meeting with Johann all at 11am!
And and If i have time i shall make my way to pasir ris to get a cup of pudding milk tea from cup walker! wait no, make it 2 cups!
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